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Terms and Conditions

  1. Registration Fee Not Refundable

  2.  No Processing Without Registration

  3.  No settlement and other fee

  4.  Keep Patience till your work has been settled

  5. Party should always be in touch with us for betterment

  6. Verification of Bride and Groom is Party’s responsibility

  7.  Agents don’t contact us at all.

  8.  Profile placing charges/plans are very small amount.

  9. Please do not expect any discount in the payment.

  10.  If the Marriage is Fixed through or through any other source then the member should immediately inform us to delete their profile.

  11. reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions, Products, Schemes, Business Policies, Giving a prior notice through website and it will be binding on all Registered Members of the website.

    Note:- If you have any queries related to our Terms & Conditions then please contact us on +91 9059993102

     We are committed to serve you fast at low cost. We have made arrangements for making it easy at both the ends.

Refund Policy

  • Service/Validity period will be provided according to the plan. Fee once paid is Neither Refundable Nor Transferable under any circumstances.

  • For cancellations please contact us via WhatsApp/Call +91